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We would like to acknowledge the financial and moral support we receive from Dangla city administrators, Fossil Ridge High School, friends, colleagues, and users of the Library. All financial donations are used for the purchase of books. The average cost of a high school textbook is about 140 Birr in 2018, which is about $5.00 US dollars.  Below is a list of people or organizations that have supported the SG Library since its inception. Cash contributions are listed in book-equivalent units. The Fossil Ridge High School Academic Council  in Fort Coins, Colorado allowed SGL to host a book drive and a fundraiser during a "Fossil Got Talent" event in 2020, which raised $700.00 and collected more than 70 books. In 2022, two major donations were presented: (1) John and Debbie Manley, a family friend, from Windsor Colorado donated $1,000.00, supporting with fundraising and ideas...they plan to visit SGL in person someday,  (2) Melat, Michael, and Redi Abegaz donated $500.00 in the name of Hawlte Senay.  We thank all for their generous support.

Student titles indicate current or former users of the Library who donate their personal books upon graduation from high school. This is a very heartwarming initiative and an outstanding deed by the students.

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