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About the Library

The SGL was established in memory of Ato (Melake Arayam) Senay Bogale and W/o Gedamnesh Ayele who instilled the value of education to their children. The name  "Senay Gedam" refers to the first names of the parents (Senay and Gedamnesh). 


The SGL was founded in 2012  in Dangla, Ethiopia by the Senay Gedam family, a group of ten surviving brothers and sisters and their children who reside in Ethiopia and the USA. After the passing of their parents in 1994, an idea to memorialize their lives floated around for eighteen years until 2012. The SGL is funded and managed by the family.  Primarily, the original residence of the parents was modified and repurposed and officially opened as Senay Gedam Memorial Library on July 7, 2013. The contributions of friends and the Dangla City Administration have been a source of encouragement through the donation of relevant books. We are also grateful for the successful book-drive and fundraising by Fossil Ridge High School Academic Council (Fort Collins, Colorado) in 2020. 



The Library provides two main services:


1) Make required textbooks and supplemental reading materials to school-age children and the community available.


2) Create a safe and quiet environment for students to study and do their homework.


Library Hours:


The Library is open: 

        Monday-Friday: 8:30 - 12:00 pm and  2:00 - 5:00 pm

        Saturdays: 8:30 am to 12:30 pm

        Sundays: CLOSED


The Library is open to all visitors--from children reading storybooks to college-level students. While early readers can access books without ID cards, regular users are required to exchange an ID for a book of choice. Most of the books are textbook materials that are requested by the patrons. There is more demand for science and math books in the 9-12 grade levels. By January 2019, there is a collection of about 1,000 books in the Library.


During peak times (exam weeks), the Library hosts up to 250 users per day (70:30 ratio between boys and girls), about 100 in the morning and the remaining in the afternoon. This includes the use of the resting space by the garden. The two main reading rooms (Zemnu Hall and Fasika Hall) can accommodate up to 70 students. Within the SGL compound, restrooms (for boys and girls) with flushing water systems are made available. A small guest house is also part of the compound for visitors who enjoy spending more time at the Library.  



SGL is located in Kebele 04, Dangla, Ethiopia just south of the Mengesha Jembere school across the Amen Wonz (stream).


Future Plans:

SGL is interested to collaborate with individuals and organizations in support of expanding Library services in Dangla and surroundings through experience-sharing in the establishment of more Libraries and adding electronic book (ebook) services with computers and internet access. 

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